Anti Fatigue Rubber Mat

Part number :- ES3-01-4


  • Top layers: PVC
  • Middle layers: EPDM foamed
  • Bottom layers: NBR/PVC


  • Using advanced production technology, the surface resistance is 10e3-10e5? , Permanently prevent static electricity.
  • Composite layer structure of an effective cushion foot pressure ,alleviate fatigue.
  • The surface with yellow warning side , naturally form anti-static protected arears.
  • Clean and convenient ,easy to move not affect the normal working environment.
  • Non slip surface , acid and alkali resistant ,safe to use.
  • Two 10 mm buttons in the mat, grounding cord is available to connect.

Application process

  • No anti static environment of the local area and processes the use of anti-static.
  • Suitable for anti static area (especially and ground ) the transformation of the economy a simple And effective anti static anti fatgue measures.
  • Suitable for long-standing station use (supermarket checkout , petrol filling station ,wrokshops,laboratories ) pyramid shape.
  • Available size : 900*600*15mm,450*600*15mm