Caps & Masks

Blue Sky System presents an extensive range of Safe Caps and Masks: ESD Caps; Anti Static Gloves; ESD Gloves; Shoe Cover; ESD Footwear; ESD Shoes; Anti Static Shoes; Anti Static Mask; and Non Weave Hood etc. These plenty of products assist in providing safe operation with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

ESD Caps, Anti Static Gloves, ESD Gloves, Shoe Cover, ESD Footwear and etc. are meant to save your body from any electrostatic discharge. These products have unique quality in them through which they do not allow to pass electricity current to your body. The use of these numbers of ESD Caps and Masks materials saves you in sensitive working area safe against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

These different ESD Materials give engineers, operators, and workers safety in perilous regions of a factory area to work with ease and comfort and not being concerned about the electric shock due to some electricity discharge. Therefore, it is very useful to wear these ESD Caps, ESD Masks, Gloves, ESD and Shoe Cover in the place of work. These safe ESD materials come in different shapes and sizes that make it easy for business enterprises to choose a type of materials that suits their needed and these can also be customized.


ESD Caps


ESD Caps


ESD Caps


ESD Caps


Anti Static Mask


Non Weave Hood


Non Weave Mask