Esd Clothing & Garments

Blue Sky System delivers a wide range of Safe ESD Clothing Materials: Anti Static Garment; Anti Static Apron; Anti Static Fabrics; Polo shirt; T/C (ESD) Jacket; 5mm Stripe Gown; 5mm Stripe Suit; 5mm Stripe Garment; and 2.5mm/5mm Grid Garment etc. These ESD Garments help abolish any injury related with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

ESD Garments, Antistatic Garments, Antistatic Apron, and ESD Clothing etc. are used to save your body from any electrostatic discharge. These products have unique quality in them through which they do not allow to pass electricity current to your body. The use of these numbers of ESD Garments and Clothing materials help you to make your working area safe against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

These ESD Garments provide engineers, operators, and workers safety in dangerous regions of a factory area to work easily and proficiently without being worried about the electric shock due to some electricity discharge. Hence, it is significant to wear these ESD Garment, Anti Static Garment, ESD Clothing, and Anti Static Apron in the place of work. These safe ESD Garments come in various shapes and sizes that make it easy for business enterprises to choose a type of materials that suits their needed and these can also be customized.