Testing Equipments

Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor

Wrist Straps are the first line of defense against electrostatic charge build-up on the human body. They are designed to carry away this charge as soon as it is generated.

This model WSM-03 continuously monitors the wrist strap to detect loss of continuity between operator and monitor. Conditions such as broken coil cords and improper contact with the skin are detected instantly to alert the operator before serious and expensive ESD damage can occur. As there is no resistive return path from the wrist strap, it uses the ´┐ŻCapacitive AC pulse principle´┐Ż to check if the operator is adequately grounded. The system is automatically activated when the wrist strap is plugged in. Continuous monitoring reduces the need for periodic checks and audits and also ensures greater security.


ABS Plastic box with external mounting brackets to mount the monitor under the table for saving work surface space.

Wrist Strap Range 0 to 10 Meg ohms
Green LED
Flashing Red LED
Audible alarm For Fail modes
Input power 12V @ 500 ma DC
Accuracy +/- 10%
Repeatability +/- 10%
Dimensions 125 x 65 x 35mm
Weight 120 Gms
Warranty One year
Optional Grounding Cords & 12V Adopter