ESD Paint

Conductive acrylic paint is a one part floor coating formu ated to produce controlled dissipation of static electrical charges .conductive acrylic paint is very effective as a static control floor coating for electronics manufacturing, assembly and storage areas.

ESD Paint has the following characteristics:

  • Can be used on industrial floor to get a ESD Flooring which is   compliant to all International ESD norms.
  • Easy to apply and very short downtime of the factory shop floor. Can be   carried out by the factory personnel themselves using simple tools   (DIY).
  • Has horizontal conductivity and can be easily grounded.
  • StoPur KV possesses a very good abrasion stability.
  • StoPur KV homogenizes the conductivity of ESD coatings.
  • Can be used to protect ESD Epoxy floor coatings and can also be   coated on to vinyl floors to make insulative vinyl floors ESD Safe.
  • Easy to maintain and recoat, if necessary.
  • Available in different colors.