Intelligent Lead Free Soldering Stations

Model no :- 888


  • Soldering bits sensor heating unit split design, low cost.
  • Front sensor designs accurate temperature control recover rapidly.
  • The output power of the heating element is increased to 65W. a 30% increase in ordinary soldering station.
  • To improve the heat capacity of the soldering iron so that the heat conduction efficiency of the heating unit better.
  • Heating up fast, heats to 350°C ≤ 35S.
  • Complement temperature fast continuous use temperature of the tip down have also been reduced to ensure that the same amount of work, but it can shorten the working hours greatly improved work efficiency.


Model No JAS-888
Working voltage AC200-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power 70W
Temperature range 200-480°C
Temperature stable value ±1°C
Bits earth resistance <2Ω
Bits drain voltage <2mV

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