USB Portable Video Microscope(Image Free) (BS-239-VM)

BS-239-VM is with intelligent auto focusing within a view distance, which enables it to capture image more easily than that of manual focusing.

Technical Specifications

  • DSP: Vimicro Digital Image Monarch Processor.
  • Sensor: high-quality CMOS sensor, with software capable of static    interpolation up to1.3 million pixels.
  • Resolution: 640 X 480
  • Colors: true color 24bit (RGB)
  • Interface: USB2.0.
  • Frame rate: 30 frames/sec (CIF and VGA).
  • Focal distance: 15mm - Infinity
  • Magnification: No less than 25X (at 10mm on 17inches screen by 640    X 480 resolution)
  • View scope: 6mm X 4.5mm (When Working Distance Is 15mm)
  • Auto Focusing Range: No less than 10mm When Working Distance is    36mm