Glue Guns

Model No: - JAS 7301

Normal Glue Guns

  • Power indicator function, the product structure is compact , elegant appearance , reliable and practical.
  • Speed heating, after 7 mins on normal use.
  • Energy efficient thermostat work melt glue gun power consumption reduced by 50%.
  • Light weight design, never a sense of fatigue prolonged use.
  • PTC heating element high thermal efficiency, long life.

Model No. JAS 7301
Apply to Diameter 10.5-11 mm glue stick
Working voltage 110-230V
Working temperature 190°C-230°C
Power 40W-60W
Nozzle diameter 2.0-2.3 mm
Melting capacity /min 7-9 g
Package Card Bubble
Carton Size 42.5*25*64cm
Qty/Carton 36 PCS
N.W. 7.4 kg
G.W. 12 kg