Portable Soldering Station

Model no:-986


  • Portable appearance design light and small volume easy to carry simplicity of operator.
  • Efficient SMPS supply power source control system all-in-one design, microcomputer control heat up very fast only 15S from normal to 300°C.
  • Temperature. Standby time is numerical control and adjustable, digital display the real temperature for now. Stable control accurate to 1°C.
  • Intelligent zed software design high temperature automatic alarm automatic failure testing and alarm.
  • Wide scope of application for supply voltage, fits to universal adapter is not needed.


Model No JAS -986
Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Watt consumption 10-40W
Heating unit Ceramic Heating Unit
Iron temperature 200-480°C
Temperature Stale Value ±1°C
Operation Mode Temperature Self Lock
Bits earth resistance <2Ω
Bits drain voltage <2mV

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