Glue Guns

Model No: - JAS 7113

Small Glue Guns

  • Speedy heating, after 2 mins on normal use.
  • Brand new structure trigger, easy to send glue.
  • Patented anti salivation technology, the glue does not leak, no reflux.
  • PTC heating element high thermal efficiency.
  • Energy efficient thermostat work melts glue gun power consumption reduced by 50%. Integration of melting glue and glue feeding can accurately control the volume of the glue melt.
  • Particularly suitable for use on homes, factories and production lines .

Model No. JAS 7113
Apply to Diameter 7.0-7.5 mm glue stick
Working voltage AC 110-230V
Power 12W-20W
Nozzle Diameter 1.8-2.0 mm
Melting capacity /min 3-5kg
Package Bubble Clamshell
Carton Size 45.5*42.5*59.5cm
Qty/Carton 96 PCS
N.W 11.5 kg
G.W 15.0 kg