Smd Lead Free Soldering Stations

Model no.-203


  • Unique set of anti-static the output voltage of 28 volts to prevent leakage and damage to the circuit board components.
  • Imported heater , tip and heating element is the same as with the international brand and convenient replace.
  • Rapid heating instant temperature calibration stable precise temperature control.
  • Particularly suitable for the manual placement of SMD component repair and general component of the welding line as well as other different technological requirement of the welding work.
  • Handle special lightweight , suitable for prolonged use.


Model No JAS-203
Rated voltage AC 220v
Power 90W
Temperature 200.c-480°C
Input voltage 28V AC
Heater Hakko 1321
Weight 2.0 kg
Package (58*48*33.5)8/1(22.5*18*16.5)

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