Smd Temperature Control Soldering Stations

Model no :- 937


  • Heater stainless steel body. With iron tip close contact, test temp sensitively, warmed quickly to extend the life of heating core.
  • Heater and tip split design, tip is same as international brands saving use cost easy to replace.
  • 27V low voltage output and stable impedance of the ground is absolutely capable of protecting sensitive component and staff safety.
  • The intelligent digital control, temperature accuracy and stability.
  • Led digital display knob to adjust the input data, intuitive display, convenient operation.
  • Intelligent card temperature management, prevent operator misadjusting temperature.
  • The digitized temperature calibration corrected accurately.
  • Self-detection of the fault the damage to the heating element LED display shows”…..” Prompt.


Model No JAS-937
Input voltage 220VAC±10% 50 hz
Output voltage 24V
Power 60W
Temperature range 200 c -480°C
Temperature lock mode Card lock (937)/mechanical (969)
Bits earth resistance <2 Ω
Bits drain voltage <2mV

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