Smd Temperature Control Soldering Stations

Model no :- 942


  • Heating unit adopts A1321 imported high temperature material, longer life.
  • Low voltage to supply power for heating unit guarantee anti-static no creep age no interface.
  • Intelligent card temperature locking system avoid operators from adjusting the temperature randomly.
  • Intelligent distinguish big and small soldering spot high efficient lead free soldering.
  • Power saving function stand by 15 mins auto lower to 200.c. stand by 30 mins .auto shut off heating unit power.
  • ± 99°C temperature calibration, lessen the inaccuracy between actual bits temperature and set temp.
  • Low temperature alarm , safer and firmer soldering spot.


Model No JAS-942
Input voltage 220V 50 Hz
Output voltage 27V
Power 75W
Temperature range 200-450°C
Bits earth resistance <2 Ω
Bits drain voltage <2mV

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