Smd Temperature Control Soldering Stations

Model no :- 936


  • Split- type design, small shape, easy to put save work space.
  • Light handle, no fatigue after long time use.
  • Adopts high quality high temperature material for heating unit loop heating way long life low cost.
  • Low voltage to supply power for heating unit , guarantee anti static , no creep age no interfere.
  • Unique temperature locking set, avoid operators from adjusting the temperature randomly.
  • 200-480°C temperature, stable and accurate.
  • Soldering bits match international brand , can use various bits according to different working situation.


Model No JAS-936
Input voltage 220V 50Hz
Output voltage 24V
Power 60W
Temperature range 200-480Ω
Bits earth resistance <2 Ω
Bits drain voltage <2mV