Testing Equipments

Wrist Strap Footwear Tester

Wrist Strap & ESD foot wears are the first line of defence against electrostatic charges build up on the human body. It is designed to carry away this charge as soon as it is generated. At the same time wrist strap/foot wear must remain electrically safe for the user. Thus, it is important to test every wrist strap / footwear regularly.

In order to protect the sensitive electronic components the maximum wrist strap resistance should not more than 10 Meg ohms and foot wears resistance should not more than 100 Meg ohms. On the other end, the resistance should not be less than 0.75 Meg ohms as protection to the wearer from dangerous level of the voltage and current flow.

The wrist strap and the footwear tester checks these parameters under actual operating conditions with the strap on the wrist or foot wear on the foot. It clearly indicates whether or not the resistance the wrist strap/foot wear system including the wearer is at least 0.75 Meg ohms and not more than 10/100 Meg ohms respectively.

Range Wrist strap 0.75 to 10 Meg ohms
Foot Wear 0.75 to 100 Meg ohms
Range Selection By slide switch
Indications Pass - GREEN LED
LOW & High fail - RED LED (With Alarm)
Test actuation By Pressing metal sensor plate
Accuracy +/- 10%
Power supply 9 Volt Battery
Battery Status By dual color LED
Dimensions 135 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight App. 150 Gms with battery
Calibration Recommended every 12 months
Warranty 12 Months
Optional Instruction Board, Foot Plate, Carry Case & Door Access System

1. The WSFT-01 can be wall mounted outside the ESD protected area by using the INSTRUCTION board. Foot wears can be tested by connecting the FOOT PLATE.

2. The WSFT-01 has the special features of accessing the ESD protected area door by using Electro Magnetic Lock.