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ESD Grounding Leads
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ESD Grounding Leads

Grounding Leads

Button to C.Clip 

ESD Grounding Cords offered comprise ESD common point ground cord for ESD mats and are required for setting up proper ESD workstation layout. The cords comprise standard finish involving two banana jacks, snap and Meg resistor and other support components. Further, the cords are developed from durable vinyl and are offered in standard length choices.


Brand                                      : Blue Sky 

Ground Resistance                 : 104-106Ω

 Mat ESD Grounding lead       : Internal Resistance 1 mega ohm

Type                                        : Button to C.Clip 

Wire Length                            : 1-2 Mtr

Also custamized as per your requirement....

These Grounding Aids provide engineers, operators, and workers safety in regions of a factory area that are sensitive, so they can work hassle-free and efficiently without being anxious about the electric shock due to some electricity discharge. This is why it is important to use these Grounding Aids while working in the factory area. These safe plenty of Grounding Aids come in various shapes and sizes that makes it easy for business organizations that are engaged in some manufacturing sort of activities to pick a type of materials that suits their requirement.

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