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Anti Static Heel Strap
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Anti Static Heel Strap

Anti Static Heel Strap

Foot Grounders Safely remove static charges from workers to protect your ESD susceptible products. In Some applications, where mobility is required, conductive footwear or heel strap may be selected to serve the same function as wrist straps. It is critical that foot grounding devices maintain constant contact with a properly grounded conductive or dissipative surface heel strap should be worn on both feel to ensure constant contact to grounded floor or floor mat.

Specification :

Brand                                                   : Blue Sky

Electric conductive rubber Heel Strap :Synthetic rubber

Colour                                                  : Black & Blue

Application                                           : Shoes 

Volume Resistance                             : 107-109Ω

Package                                             : 1 Pcs

  1. While wearing the wrist strap, plug the banana plug end of the cord into the jack on the face of the unit.
  2. Supplied with two mounting screws, can be fastened both on and under the table.
  3. Press and hold the test button until the test results are displayed.

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