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SMD Rework Stations
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SMD Rework Stations


  • Sensor closed loop temperature control, quick temp rise, easy set temp, stable temperature.
  • Anti-static design, avoid hurting PCB by static and leakage.
  • Adopts imported heater, speedy temperature rise,, long service life, good soldering safety perform ace, constant and adjustable temperature.
  • Adopts high quality air pump, low vibration, non- noise design, keep the working environment clean and quiet.
  • LED display indicator temp accurate control, easier operation.
  • Intelligent cooling system, after wok completed shut off, delay air supply, automatically cut off the power when air temp is lower the 100 ºC, better protect the heating material, handle, air head, extend the service life.
  • Apply to most surface mount parts   disordering, can safely disordering QFP,  PLCC, SOP, BGA, etc. temperature sensitive elements.



Model No.

JAS -850D

 Input Voltage

110/220  VAC Elective 50/60Hz

 Watt consumption

550 W

Pump Type

Diaphragm, pump  

Airflow rate


Heating unit

Ceramic heating unit

Air gun temperature

100-480 ºC

Bits earth resistance


Bits drain voltage


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