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Lead Free Rework Station
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Lead Free Rework Station


  • Using sensor closed loop design, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, control, LED display, high power , heating quickly, accurate and stable temperature, from the amount of the wind affect realize unleaded disordering.
  • Adjustable air flow , air volume and a gentle wind, temperature regulation. It can be adapted to a vanity of the user such as : SOIC, CHIP,QFP,PLCC,BGA.
  • The handle is equipped with self-sensing switch as long as the grip handle the system can quickly enter the normal operating mode the handle correctly reintroduction back handle frame the system will enter standby mode according to the actual situation . real –time operating convenience.
  • The system has automatic cold function prolong heating element life and protected the host.
  • Alloy shell design, compact body , durability appearance small.
  • Design brushless fan, extremely long life, and minimal noise.
  • Easy to operate freely adjustable temperature of 100’c, 500’c automatic tracking system , after the thermostat set temperature , actual temperature will automatic display the set temperature data.



Model No JAS-858D
Rated voltage AC 220V
Power 700W
Temperature 100°C-500°C
Air volume 120L/min max
Heater Quality 858A core
Weight 1.55 kg
Package (56*48*34)12/1(25.5*16*14)

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