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Desoldering Pump
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Desoldering Pump


  • Light Weight design
  • Strong function, high efficiency.
  • Unique crushed tin, easy to remove the suction nozzle tin crumbs.
  • Applicable to aany remove tin requirement. 

Blue Sky System provides the best quality Safe Soldering Iron and Pump: De-soldering pump; Normal soldering irons; Soldering iron tips; Temperature controlled soldering station; Lead free soldering station; Digital Soldering Station; Boutique soldering irons; Soldering irons with light; and High Temperature Ceramic Iron etc. These wide varieties of equipment aid to provide any danger related with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Tips, Soldering Stations, Lead Free Soldering Station, and Digital Soldering Station etc. are uses to save your body from any electrostatic discharge. All these Soldering equipment have unique quality in them through which they do not allow to surpass electricity current to your body. The use of these numbers of Soldering tools save you in sensitive working area safe against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

These different Soldering tools provide engineers, operators, and workers safety in risky areas of a factory area to work with comfort and without tension about the electric shock due to some electricity discharge. Therefore, it is very useful to use Soldering tools at the time of working in factories and workshops. These safe Soldering Iron tools come in different shapes and sizes that make it easy for engineers or technicians to select a type of materials that suits their requirement.

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