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ESD 2 Layer Vinyl Mat
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ESD 2 Layer Vinyl Mat

ESD Flooring

We are engaged in presenting an impeccable range of Two Layer Vinyl Mat. The most attractive highlights are the coarse grains and open texture that enhances the tone from medium to grayish brown or some time to oak color, gives the floor a luxurious appeal with the dark strikes. The mat is manufactured using high quality materials. Our quality assurance team takes the wood through several tests to ensure the hardness, durability and authenticity.


Top Layer                          :-  Static Dissipative Blue /Green

THICKNESS                     : - 0.5mm/ 1mm

Surface Resistance          : - Less than 10*9 ohms/sq

BOTTOM LAYER             :-Conductive Black

THICKNESS                    :- 1mm / 1mm

Surface Resistance         : - Less than 10^6 ohms/sq

STANDARD WIDTH        : - 2 Meters  

THICKNESS                    : - 1.5mm 


Static dissipative mats are very important members of vinyl or marvels family to constitute a static safe area. An ideal dissipative mat should not generate any triboelectric charge and should dissipate any charge brought from outside.The mat should also withstand harsh assembly environments like hot solder and corrosive chemicals.

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