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ESD Rubber Mat
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ESD Rubber Mat

This is double layered high temperature Resistant mat that is ideal for Static Safe Work Benches. The material has high resistance to solder and chemicals, when contacted.


  • Top                                                             : Static Dissipative Green
  • Bottom                                                       : Conductive Rubber
  • Surface Resistivity (point to point)         : 5 x 10^7 Ohms
  • Surface Resistivity (surface to ground) : 3 x 10^6 Ohms
  • Decay Test                                                 : 5KV – 50V(less than 0.01 sec) Conforms to S.20.20 of 1 of    ESDA , USA
  • Transit Strength                                        : 1000 PSI (min)
  • Elongation                                                 : @ break – 30%
  • Thickness                                                  : 2mm
  • Presentation                                              : 1.2 Mtr x 10 Mtr
  • Colour                                                        : Green


Static dissipative mats are very important members of vinyl or marvels family to constitute a static safe area. An ideal dissipative mat should not generate any triboelectric charge and should dissipate any charge brought from outside.The mat should also withstand harsh assembly environments like hot solder and corrosive chemicals.

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