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Car Deck Epoxy
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Car Deck Epoxy

Traffic Deck System offers the ultimate protection to concrete floors subject to the long-term stresses produced by the constant wear of vehicular traffic onto a coating system.

Depending on the location of the floor, the protective coating layer can be applied at varying thickness to ensure that the ultimate protection is produced. Aggregate sizes can be adjusted for extra traction or to offer a more pleasing final finish. The final coat is available in a wide range of colours to help blend the floor in with the corporate design and surrounding décor.

The Traffic Deck System is a high performance, versatile coating system designed to specifically protect concrete floors/traffic decks normally found in car parks that are subject to heavy vehicular traffic.

A combination of systems can be produced using the various products within the range to ensure that final protection and finish offered are tailor-made for the end use of the floor. Ramps, turning circles and parking bays require the extra protection this flexible system offers. What’s more, the final PU Topcoat can be produced in a wide range of attractive colours to match the surrounding décor.

This full system represents the latest in reinforced glass flake epoxy and polyurethane technology, and completely outdates the use of aggregate/sand as a reinforcement to the coating.


• Optimum economical protection
• Glass flake gives ultimate protection of high wear areas • Outstanding long-term resistance to abrasion
• Low maintenance cost and easy to maintain
• Chemical and UV resistance
• Flexibility
• Wide range of attractive colours

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