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Carbon Nanotube Epoxy
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Carbon Nanotube Epoxy

ESD flooring is created from a combination of materials, including Single wall carbon Nanotubes that transfer the electrostatic charge from a person to the flooring, reducing the chance of someone creating a static discharge through physical contact.

ESD Top Coat is a 2-component, Single wall carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) based Electrostatic Dissipative Epoxy Top Coat System for the control of static electricity on epoxy flooring


  • Compatible with a variety of colour shades
  • Uniform surface-to-surface and surface-to-ground resistance according to worldwide standards
  • Permanent antistatic properties independent of humidity level
  • Maintain mechanical properties
  • Smooth surface
  • Ultra-low impact on viscosity and flow ability, resulting in a smooth surface without requiringextra resin. 

ESD Epoxy Flooring is specifically designed for environments where sensitive components, gases, solvents, or explosives are handled such as in the electronics manufacturing industry, chemical processing industries, pharmaceutical, and healthcare facilities.

ESD flooring is also known as Electrostatic or Static dissipative flooring. It provides superior static control, inhibiting static electricity on a person or from reaching sensitive equipment. ESD Epoxy Flooring is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing in a fresh and bright color.

ESD/Anti-static flooring safeguards both sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Anti-static flooring typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to dissipate any potential static discharge and needs to be grounded or earthed.

ESD flooring can also help in preventing explosions and fires when working with flammable gases and liquid material, helping to reduce the risk of costly damage to equipment and injury to personnel.


  • Electronics Industries
  • Electronics component manufacturing area
  • Antistatic Flooring for server room
  • Paint Mix rooms
  • Explosives factories
  • Textile industries
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Petroleum & Chemical Processing Industries

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