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Digital Surface Resistivity Meter
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Digital Surface Resistivity Meter

Digital Surface Resistivity Meter

The Surface Resistivity Meter measures both surface resistance and resistance to ground. This is meant for use in evaluating a wide variety of ESD protective materials including tablemats, floor mats,  
and hard ESD-laminates. It measures and displays Surface Resistivity as well as surface to ground and point-to-point resistances. These measurements can be done in the range of <10E3 to >10E12 ohms by using two 2.5-kilo (5lb) heavy electrodes or through internal probes. To check whether surface Resistivity is in accordance with EOS/ESD Association standards S-4.1.



Measurement Range

Digital Display Range                   : < 1X10E3 to >1X10E12 ohms &ohms/sq

LED Decades Display Range       : < 10E3 to > 10E12 ohms & ohms/sq

Digital Measurement accuracy     : 0.1 decade

LED Measurement accuracy        : 0.5 decade

Digital Display                               : Alpha Numeric LCD.

LED Display indication                  : By Different Color LED’s

Open Circuit Voltage                     : 100V +/- 5%

Battery status indicator                 : By Dual Color LED.

Test actuation                                : Press To Read

Power supply                                 : 10.8V Rech-Battery

Dimensions in mm                         : 210 x 110 x 40mm

Weight                                            : 500 gms

Calibration                                      : calibration recommended once In 12 months.

Warranty                                         : 12 months.

Optional                                          : Testing & measuring probes ESD Audit kit

Accessories                                     : External cable, 12V Charger & Carry Case. 

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